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In which it is all more insane than I thought it was going to be.

It is very hard to analyse what has been going on since 2016. The escalator ride down to the podium with his wife. The paid supporters cheering from the balcony. The casual rape speech he gave. All of it seemed like the miindramblings of a midnight sketch writer. Trump has shown himself to be immune to criticism. He certainly feels criticism and it cuts him deeply but rather than changing his behaviour he deepens his commitment to the dreadful behaviour that brought about the initial criticism. So it goes on. This sojourn in to chaos also reveals what has been known for years. The position of the President has collected too much power and too much protection. The hurdles put in place for removing a President which once seemed to noble and sensible are now seen for what they are; hideous barriers that allow a monster to grow. What does this mean? Is Trump really a monster? He's a man. He's a rageful old man full of bile and spite who only cares about himself. Without the trappings of grace and politeness that the President is supposed to perform he's shown us, in all it's naked horror what the Presidency of the United States has become. Perhaps this is something to thank him for were it not for the fact that he is currently burying us all in a mass grave so that we can be mulch for his cronies.

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